Hunter Chase Service 2018

The 2018 season will be the 9th year I have been providing tips for hunter chases online. For the first 3 years from 2010 I provided my tips for free and then I started charging for my tips in 2013 and every season has shown a profit. I have listed the estimated profits for each season below. Now I only put estimates up because for the first couple of years I would often send the preview out before the races were priced up so there was no advised price as such to take. I also didn’t put points next to my tips for the 3 h=Hunter Chase meetings so anything from those meetings aren’t counted (this season I will be putting points to my Hunter Chase meeting selections). I also think that people following any tipsters will often get different prices from those recommended and that SP isn’t always a reliable guide either as often my tips are shorter than people following would have got on at. So the profits listed are a guide only.

I firmly believe that Hunter Chases are the best type of race to make money on and until I focused on them I certainly wasn’t a profitable punter. You have to be prepared to put in the homework though and arguably it takes more homework than it does for a normal race. One of the reasons I started charging in the first place was because it was taking a fair amount of my time and it also allowed me to go from just putting a tip up to providing a more in depth preview, which I think any good tipster should be doing.

For me though the tips are only a part of the service because I write in depth previews for all the races and write a review for each race as well. If you have read any of the free previews I have posted then you will know how in depth I can go. Obviously not all of them will be as detailed as the Foxhunter/Hunter Chase night previews, but I think it gives a good example of the sort of thing you can expect if you sign up.

Previews are sent out via email usually the night before the race and the selections are given a suggested stake between 1 and 5 points. 5 point bets are pretty rare and for the first time I didn’t actually put one up at all last season. There are due to be 95 races this season (starting on January 9th at Taunton) and I charge £50 for the season. That means it works out at about 50p a race. Payment is made via Paypal to although get in contact if you need to pay via another method. Feel free to contact me via email or Twitter if you have any further questions.

A few of last seasons highlights

Top Cat Henry 6/1

Poole Master 9/2

Arthur’s Secret 7/4

Always Archie 5/1

Now Ben 6/4

Close House 3/1, Repeat Business 4/1, Balnaslow 4/1 all on the same day

Sybarite 2nd @ 20/1 at Cheltenham Hunter Chase night and Nap Barel Of Laughs also won

Fontwell Hunter Chase night  included Supreme Danehill 16/1 and Let’s Get Serious 2nd ar 50/1 as well as the Nap and NB Curraigflemens (10/11) and Spencer Moon (5/4) both winning.

Young Hurricane 11/4


2017 29pts

2016 73pts

2015 120pts

2014 43pts

2013 30pts


2 thoughts on “Hunter Chase Service 2018

  1. Hi
    A friend of mine subscribes to you and receives tips re Hunter Chaseses and low league football.
    He advise that your normal full season’s rate is £50 or less for part of a season.
    Please confirm cost and how it could work for me.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Stewart,
      First of all the non-league football stuff is totally free and can be seen on the Punters Lounge forum. I link the threads on Twitter as well.
      The hunter chase stuff is £50 for the season, but we have just over a month left so will do it for £20 if you want to sign up for the rest of the season which includes the 3 all hunter chase cards so plenty of races left. The previews are sent out via email usually the night before and payment is to via Paypal


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