Where my tips will be in the future – Punters Lounge

So having set up this blog to put my Non-League bets up I wasn’t expecting to have to stop so soon. First of all I was offered a chance to submit my preview to a site for a small fee which I accepted and that is where they went up for yesterday. Some of you may know that I have also put my previews up on a forum called Punters Lounge since 2010. I have enjoyed being a part of the forum as I love sharing a debate with fellow Non-League punters and knowing I would have to stop posting my tips there was a hard choice to make.

However once the owner of the forum saw I was having to leave he decided to make me an offer to try and keep me and I was happy to accept so from now on my Non-League previews will be posted exclusively on the Punters Lounge forum. I will Tweet links to the threads once I have made the post to the forum.

Now you are able to view the threads without signing up to the forum so if you don’t want to you don’t have to. However I would recommend signing up especially as I know that there are some of you who just like reading my views to compare them with your own and it would be great if you got involved on the threads and add your thoughts there as I love interacting with fellow Non-League bettors. Obviously there are a whole host of forums on various sports as well so there is plenty on the site to view. Also they have a very good app which I use to post on the forum when I am out and about.

In future I might use this blog to post pieces like the Billericay one I did as that went down well and is the 2nd most viewed post behind the ante-post one.

Any questions then don’t hesitate to ask and hopefully I can keep the profits flowing on what has been a very solid start to the season.


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