Billericay Town

Before posting a preview for the midweek games I thought I would write a few things about the hottest topic in non-league football at the moment, Billericay Town.

I obviously touched on them in my ante-post preview, but I think a few things are worth expanding on, especially after their defeat to Kingstonian on Saturday. As a script you could hardly have written it any better given the man Glenn Tamplin replaced, Craig Edwards, is now Kingstonian manager and they won with a goal late in the game. Now Tamplin is very active on Twitter and I think this is the main reason the vast majority of fans of non-league want to see him fail. Now given how active he is it was surprising he went quiet for so long from Saturday morning until Sunday morning when he Tweeted the following

To all my BTFC fans To all the muggy keyboard warrior haters LOOK HARD AT THIS It’s going to happen at BTFC 200%

Now he probably thinks I am one of the muggy keyboard warrior haters, but if you look at some of his previous Tweets or the things he has said in the press then he brings it all upon himself. Also having looked at quite a few Tweets in reply to him and the club I have hardly seen any that have been abusive (something rare in this day and age), but more people taking joy in them losing yesterday, something he can’t complain about given his past words.

A prime example of this were a couple of Tweets on July 1st. Billericay happen to be top of the alphabet in the Bostik Premier League so of course they are top of the table before a ball is kicked. So he Tweeted a picture of the table saying ‘Everyone get used to seeing the League table with these letters at the top’. He then followed that Tweet up with the following

Just for my haters every week I will re new this table above which BTFC will never come off top spot all season from game 1.

Now if you Tweet something like that what do you expect to happen when you lose your first game of the season? Of course people are going to take the mick because you have set yourself up for a massive fall. On Friday he Tweeted the following

Tomorrow the league begins at home to Kingstonian 3pm kick off. Let’s start the season with a 3000 strong crowd and 3 points Sooooo excited.

Billericay’s crowd was the highest in the division yesterday and in normal circumstances a crowd of 1141 would be applauded, but when you talk about expecting 3000 are going to turn up what do you expect people to say after the crowd ends up being nearly 2000 less? Also when they can managed to get 4500 for a friendly against West Ham’s U23s it doesn’t look good that you only attract 1100 for the first league game.

What he seems to fail to understand that saying the things above are going to wind people up and those people will be hoping that you suffer a big fall. What it also means is that every other club in the division will be out to beat you. Managers probably won’t even need to do a team talk because he has given them all the motivation a player could possibly need to want to win a game of football.

Nothing I have seen so far has made me thing this is anything more than a massive ego trip for Glenn. Sign a few ex Premier League players and it will get you in the press. Sack the cheerleaders and get on the front page of The Sun only to reinstate them and get back in the papers. However the biggest one of all is that he wants to be the manager. If he actually does want to reach the Football League in 5 years (a claim he made in a radio interview) he needs to find a proper manager and fast. He has spent all this money on players, but arguably a manger is the most important part because he brings it all together. Glenn is no manager and I think even at this level he will find himself tactically out thought. He seems to think throwing £32.5k a week in wages will do the trick, but as Saturday proved, it wont. He might get away with at this level, but higher up he won’t. Also if you want to be the manager how can it be anything other than wanting it to be about you. If he had any sense he would go out and find a manager and step back from that side of things. If he had any sense he would also tone things down on Twitter otherwise he can’t complain when people take great joy in them losing. If he was going about this in the right way then apart from jealousy from fellow fans about having lots of money, no one would be that bothered about it all. Everything suggests so far though that he doesn’t have much sense when it comes to this adventure.

Finally Glenn and the club need to learn to lose with grace. Billericay have an official Twitter account and a match updates account. Now the official one was RT the Tweets of the match updates one until the 88th minute when it suddenly went quiet. To be fair a few hours later they did Tweet well done to Kingstonian, but the fact they failed to mention the result live was poor form. What was also poor is they have been blocking people on Twitter for little more than taking pleasure in them losing. I’m led to believe Glenn is also trigger happy on the blocking front as well. If people send nasty abuse then fair enough, but as I mention earlier I have not seen any of that so why block people? If you can’t handle losing then being involved in sport isn’t for you. It seems both the club and Glenn are happy to give it out, but can’t take it when things don’t go their own way.

They could easily walk away with the league still (especially if they get a proper manager in), but Glenn needs to understand most people aren’t actually haters, they are just taking pleasure you failing to back up your bolster and if you can’t handle that you would be better to shut up and just get on with the job in hand.



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